Through studio visits if you’re local, or emails and phone chats if you’re abroad, we can work with you to co-create exactly what you’re looking for.

How It Works:

  1. To begin, send me an email so we can start talking about gathering any photos, inspirations and/or ideas of what you’re looking for.

  2. I'll then work with you to get clear on each element of the design- karat and color of your metal, any diamonds or colored stones you might want to include, sizing, and everything else in between.

  3. Once we have the details ironed out, we get started on bringing it all together. This includes sourcing all the materials - if your piece includes any diamonds or gemstones, we'll find some beautiful options that you might like and decide together what would be the best. Through either photos or if you are in NYC we could meet to look at the stone options together. Also think about if you would like a special engraving on the inside of the piece.

  4. After we have all the details worked out, I begin fabricating or carving the the piece. Once it's finished I'll send along some photos and/or meet at the studio for you to see it in person!

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There are so many ways to to create a custom unique style for an engagement ring or wedding jewelry. From helping you source a flawless or perfectly perfect for you diamond, I can help you through the steps as we work with your budget creating a piece that is unique, classic and sure to stand the test of time in the tradition of making an heirloom.

There are also so many ways to make an engagement stand out: From choosing a colorful gemstone to picking an alternative setting or mixing metals, there are no shortage of possibilities for personalizing an engagement ring, wedding band or even just a special piece of jewelry. A unique, non-traditional engagement rings can be even more special using raw, rough, or rustic diamonds to make that special piece really stand out.
These three diamond types are essentially untreated gems, giving them natural inclusions that add character. While they may not hit the 4 C's the way a traditional diamond we've come to know and love for engagement rings does, these naturally-occurring minerals truly are one of a kind.

So what's the difference between a raw, rough, or rustic diamond? Raw is exactly what it implies: It's the diamond exactly as it was found when it was mined. It's usually amorphous, and looks a lot more like a mineral than the shiny, translucent appearance of a traditional diamond.
Raw diamonds are set in a ring that fits their shape, rather than molding them to fit into a specific setting. 

Rough diamonds are similar, except they may be cut slightly, whether it's into a popular "diamond slice" style, or into a shape that's easier to work with.

Finally, rustic diamonds are the most refined of these options. They're not rough or raw, but they are in a pretty natural state and unlike any of the white diamonds you know and love. Sometimes more opaque, these are the gems that have a deep, almost milky color and have a large number of inclusions that would have traditionally deemed them less valuable. Whether it's gray, red, white, black or brown, the benefit of choosing a rustic diamond is that you're really getting a precious piece of jewelry that is not only more natural, it has a story of its own and is completely unique. 

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