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You know those treasures found on our journeys and put in sandy pockets, the ones you find when unpacking your belongings at home. These beauties still salty from their land, now tokens to become talismans of a moment in time. One where you were alone or with your people, walking a beach with no real objective but to just be. Taking these shells, making a mold, pouring them in molten gold then giving it a fine polish. ✨This now solid gold shell is hung from a necklace to be worn close as you continue your journey but with a piece of that moment in time. 🐚 ♥️✨

Auger shells are shaped like a spear which makes them the perfect shells to represent strong energy. These shells are said to give you the strength and courage to tackle your issues head-on. They also have an incredibly soothing energy so can help you to achieve mental clarity and trust your intuition.

This solid gold shell pendant created from one found on the beach gives a beautiful weight and feeling. Hung from a sparkly 14k gold 17 inch chain with a 2 inch extender is how we like it. Sure to be favorite for a long time and thoughtfully makes a truly great gift.



Spiral Shell Auger Necklace

PriceFrom $325.00
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