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Gold Baby Tooth Necklace

Send along your baby's baby tooth to be molded and made in a beautiful pendant to wear forever.


Special personalized gifts for the Mama in your life

Personal jewelry pieces that are made even more special with engravings or unique touches.


Gifts that have been proven to be perfect 

A range of different pieces and styles that have been selected to be perfect gifts. <3

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Devon- necklace, earrings, rings


Katherine Lincoln jewelry is created and designed in Red Hook, Brooklyn along the East River of New York City. The line seeks to create unique timeless pieces from high quality materials. Fashion forward yet timeless, her signature style and inspiration come through in sculptural pieces that range from statement to more delicate pieces that lend themselves to layering for visual impact.  Semi-precious stones are juxtaposed with a mixture of fine metals using strong textures created with ancient labor-intensive techniques to make each piece a unique work of chic wearable art imbued with human touch.
Katherine Lincoln Jewelry has been featured in Vogue, Elle, for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show Gilded Angels look, with a number of the models each wearing several pieces. Photos of the show both from the runway and backstage highlight the angels adorned with giant gilded wings and golden accessories. 
Collaborating with several other designers she has also fabricated pieces for Marissa Webb's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week's 2013 spring/summer collection as well as designing copper jewelry for Absolut's Vodka's launch of their copper filtered vodka Absolut Elyx. Always merging individualistic design with a hand-sculpted aesthetic to create pieces that will last a lifetime of styles, and memories.

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