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You, possibly your group or your partner (if these are wedding bands) will arrive at my studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn where I will guide you through the steps of carving your own rings. First we will discuss what you are looking to make and make our plan. Then using wax files, wolf wax carving tools, wax saw blades, sand paper and other jeweler's tools, we will carve your rings out of wax. Couples that are making wedding bands may also choose to carve each other's rings. <3


Once the rings are carved and finished, I will have them casted by an expert caster in Manhattan's diamond district on 47th street in the precious metal of your choice.  

After the ring has been casted I will expertly polish your ring and get them to you!  You can also choose to have stones added or engravings which we would discuss in the beginning when we are making our plan for the ring!

Rings are usually finished in about 4 weeks but if we add additional stones or elements can take up to 4-5 weeks which we will discuss and figure out what you would like.

Class includes polishing of the ring - the cost of the fine metal ring is additional.


Once the ring is carved I will weigh the ring and give you pricing for the ring the metal you have chosen. I do this to give you the best price as the final cost is determined by the weight of the ring. 

This class is so fun as you get to learn a new skill in a laid back setting, maybe start your own journey in jewelry and/or make your own wedding band or ring that you can wear for years to come. 

Testimonial on how fun it is:)

My fiancé and I knew we wanted wedding rings that held a bit more meaning to us, so we decided to look for a couples workshop that would allow us to create our own wedding bands. We know next to nothing about jewelry, but Katie guided us through the process and helped us decide on what would be the best fit for us. We spent a lovely afternoon carving our rings with her and it was such a great and super fun experience! Katie is so sweet and personable, it felt more like friends just hanging out rather than an actual workshop. Our rings turned out beautifully and we couldn't be happier with the whole process from start to finish. We've already raved to our friends about her and highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in custom jewelry!






$175 per person for 2-3 hour workshop includes instruction, tool use, materials and final polishing of ring. The cost of the actual ring is additional since the pricing varies depending on the type of metal (14k gold, platinum, sterling silver, etc.) and style of the ring. 


(The cost of precious metal, stones etc. are determined by material chosen. I can give you a rough estimate of the price for the ring determined by the style and type of gold you would like.)


4 guests maximum- ideas include bachelorette party, fun day activity,

evening party with friends etc.:) 


$150 per person for 2-3 hour workshop includes instruction, tool use, materials and final polishing of ring.  Cost of precious metal, any special custom engravings, stones etc. determined by material chosen.

Send me a message with questions or to schedule a class! 

Thanks for the message!

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