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The Georgian era, a time period from 1714 to 1830 (sometimes considered up to 1837), often reflects a longing for the "good old days.” The “fun” times of the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance years through their designs and styles. Colorful gemstones and striking diamonds using cool rose cuts came into play as this was the when a real interest in bringing the bling, flash, fire and brilliance of gemstones and diamonds set in jewelry started. 🔥✨ Colorful popular gemstones of this era were also used in rings including emeralds, rubies, sapphires, garnet, topaz and black onyx.
During his time they also felt a big need to preserve memories and the times of the day. As a result, distinct and very unique Georgian rings such as the memorial ring, the locket ring, and the poesy ring were created.
The memorial ring, also known as a mourning ring, was designed to preserve the memory of a loved one, with rings having a small portrait, or initials carved into the ring, or sometimes hair from a loved one woven into the back of the ring or preserved on the front of the ring.
Georgian rings are just so beautiful, often highly colorful and crafted to reflect the Romanticism movement of the times. These rings were designed with intricate details and are a celebration of beauty and sentimentality just like this one as we riffed on the Georgian style.
This ring was designed with a specific Georgian style in mind but brought it to now with a simpler classic design. Centering it with a rose cut blood red ruby with black diamond pavé radiating from it.  Bold but perfect for everyday adventures - made in 10k yellow gold, with a rose cut ruby and tiny black diamond pavé. Please specify size when ordering.


Alex Ruby Ring

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