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A memory of a small hand, the shape and the recollection of when that mold was made. Send me a picture of the mold or the actual mold and I'll hand carve a small replica for you to wear. Engrave the back with handwriting or a date or whatever you come up with <3  

The shape is carved in wax and then casted in 10k gold, 14k gold or sterling silver. Makes an excellent gift - give it as a keepsake to someone or for yourself as a talisman for the journey you're on.

Maybe you already have  a charm necklace going to add it to or if you need a chain to get one started I recommend the  o the Classic Box Chain. Makes a sweet gift.


Pictured is an example of one made for a sweet baby and a sweet dog. 



Handprint Hand Carved Pendant

PriceFrom $245.00
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