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A heart of solid gold to your skin and hold close with a nice weight so you an feel it on your chest. Since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the heart has been viewed as the home of love ❤️. Greek philosophers like Aristotle, more or less believed that the human heart was the center of all emotions, particularly that of love and there is speculation that the heart shape may have originated from artists, scientists, and monks of the Middle Ages who attempted to draw representations of ancient medical texts. Since the human heart has long been associated with emotion and pleasure, the shape was eventually incorporated as a symbol of romance and medieval courtly love. Through the ages the heart symbol has lasted, two sweet curves meeting at 2 sharp angles. A symbol of love and it’s turns and languid stretches that can continue unbroken.

Sink a special stone into this heart and give it as a gift to yourself or a loved one. Hand carved in 10k yellow gold and hung from a 14k gold 17 inch chain with a 2 inch extender on a sparkly gold chain is how we like it. Sure to be favorite for a long time and thoughtfully makes a truly great gift.


January | Garnet

February | Amethyst

March | Aquamarine

April | Diamond

May | Emerald

June | Alexandrite

July | Ruby

September | Sapphire

October | Tourmaline

November | Citrine

December | Zircon

Heart and Soul Necklace

PriceFrom $295.00
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