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Custom bridal jewelry is another way to make a ceremonial piece that much more special. There is no comparison to helping to design a piece versus buying it at a store. By using special stones or just creating the piece with the person's style, tastes and inspirations in mind you are making something that is just for them and will be truly treasured.

Do you have your Grandmother's ring which you love because it was hers but don't love the style? We can work together to come up with something that she or you will love to wear while still honoring the heritage.

Have an idea or style in mind that you are having trouble finding or can't figure out what you are actually looking for? We can narrow those ideas down and design something that is all you or your loved one. 

Looking for pieces to wear to your wedding and would like to use elements from other heritage jewelry pieces? We can design special jewelry for your wedding day that you will wear for years to come. 


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